Biodynamic Wines

‘Biodynamic farming’ and ‘biodynamic wine’ are terms you may be hearing increasing regularly in recent times. But what is it all about?  As the name suggests, broadly it is all to do with ‘energising life’.

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Food and Wine Pairing

We all love a good dinner party: convivial company, several delicious food courses and of course, the wine. But when thinking about what food to serve up and what wine to go with it, are there really rules that must be obeyed?

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Kathryn SteadComment
Spain, beyond Rioja

‘Rioja’ is probably what springs to mind for many people when they think of Spanish wine. Unsurprisingly so, as it’s the Spanish wine that we tend to see most frequently on UK shelves and wine lists. But if we look beyond Rioja, we see that the rest of the country has a lot to offer in terms of varied, quality-driven wine.

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